Sunrise Maui Photo Safari

by Douglas Hoffman on April 1, 2012

After enjoying the sunrise along the Eastern Shore of Maui, we headed to the famous Three bears waterfall. We stopped along the way so the guys could enjoy the scenic overlook.  Having remembered  we talked about creating photographs from low or high camera positions to create a point of view that is different, the gentlemen set up their tripods on the picnic tables. I was impressed.








This is the waterfall, and the water was really flowing!  The foliage on the left serves to frame the image and three separate flows adds a nice vertical line of repetition.



Todays tour was a lot of fun, as I love sharing my knowledge of photography and helping people create landscape portraits to be proud of. If coming to the island and want to see some beautiful locations, and learn about photography let us know.  If interested in a workshop or guide outside Hawaii, check out this site.