Sunset in Maui is always different. Thats the fun. You never know what your going get.

by Douglas Hoffman on January 13, 2016

When you think about Maui, you might visualize sandy beaches, rocky coast line, lava rock, palm trees, blue skies, you know paradise… This is such a beautiful island and no better place to enjoy a tropical sunset. No matter where you are in Maui when the sun sets, you will see a beautiful view. That being said, South Maui is my favorite vantage point. Kiev, Wailea, and Makena Maui are a photographers dream come true and one could spend days, weeks, and yes, years photogprahjng these landscapes and never get bored. The tide, surf, wind, wave, and all around weather changes fast in Maui, and you never know what your going to get unless you go for it.
Ahihi bay sunset.webSometimes the sky lights up, and other times not so much.  But, even on those days the water, rocks, and overall topography lend itself to stunning compositions.

Using Lee 2 stop ND filter

                                                Shades of  Twilight 

On the rare occasion the weather is not cooperating there is still a way to make stunning images.  In fact rainy days often, but not always,  bring beautiful skies.

makena BW1


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