Three great locations for Maui Sunsets

by Douglas Hoffman on June 7, 2021

Every has their favorite places on Maui to see the sunset. Here are three of my favorite.

1. Poolenalena Beach. Located in Makena this beach is big and beautiful views. It is not marked well and has a dirt parking lot. There is no shower and one porta potty. The signage is small and it is is easy to miss. Best hint is to go 500 yards past Gannons restaurant. Once you park keep your shoes on until well onto the beach as the area is lined with mesquite trees that drop thorns. There are two areas on this beach. One is to the north and involves a short hike over rough lava, and not appropriate for everyone. The second area is a large beautiful sandy beach and in front of the parking lot. This is one of my go to locations for landscape and family portraits.

Makena is so beautiful

The second area is Charley Young Beach located in central Kihei. This is a popular beach and has a public parking lot, and a shower. No fancy bathrooms but there is a green Porta Potty. This beach is easily found and is by the cove where people learn to surf. It is adjacent to Kam 1 beach. This area has lots of sand on the left side with great views of the sunset. On the right side those that are comfortable walking on uneven, slippery ground will find an old lava flow with interesting topography.

Charley Young Beach

The third location is Big Beach in Makena Maui. This beach is so big that there are two parking lots. The shore break is dangerous so I don’t go there to stand in the water. The far right side and far left side have lots of rocks and make great landscape portraits. The right side requires a bit of hike and takes you to a place called Little Beach. Be advised there may be naked sun bathers.

Big Beach

I hope this post has provided some insight regarding beautiful locations on Maui. Stay tuned for more posts with other tips. Click here to learn about Maui Private Photography Workshops