Top Five Dive sites in the Bligh Water of Fiji

by Douglas Hoffman on April 18, 2022

My favorite 5 sites in the Bligh Water.


Due to marketing this is one of Fiji’s most famous sites.  Starting just three feet from the surface this large pinnacle drops to over 2700 feet.   The site is well known for a cathedral-like overhang adorned with gorgonian fans. Along the pinnacle, the wall has many crevices, swim-throughs, and tunnels.  

Mellow Yellow

Soft coral-encrusted coral heads with pinnacles that is home to marine life ranging from tiny pipefishand  nudibranches,  to larger pelagic fish in the blue. The entire site is fantastic with the slopes covered with soft coral and reef top with beautfil hard coral gardens.  Everywhere you look there are bright colored Anthias fish darting around.   My personal favorite site in Fiji.

Fiji Scuba Diving Tour

 Black Magic Mountain

Another world class pinnacle starting just 10 feet from the surface. Everywhere you look are colorful soft corals and gorgonian fans.  While deep is an option, the best depth to dive in my opinion is between 60 feet and and the surface.

Mount Mutiny

Named after Captain Bligh and the famous mutiny on the Bounty this is another large pinnacle starting near the surface and dropping off into the abyss.  Healthy soft coral walls can easily keep a diver busy.

Vatu Express

This is the most exciting dive in all the Bligh Water. When the current is pumping the soft corals are out as are all the fish. The water is alive with activity. This is a dive that I don’t mind leaving the camera on the boat so I see everything.

My next trip to the Bligh Water is May 19-26, 2024 and I look forward to diving with the crew at Ra Divers again. The plan is to do 15 boat dives over six days. I can’t wait to dive Mello Yellow again. I have booked accommodations at the VoliVoli Resort, and like minded people are welcome to join.