Traveling is great but there is no place like home

by Douglas Hoffman on October 11, 2011

Gracefull baby whale

For the last six years I have spent most of September in Tonga, swimming with whales and leading photography dedicated adventures.  I have just returned from this years expeditions and while the whales were ever-present I missed my family.

Each year it seems more difficult to be away for extended periods. Thank goodness for skype, email, and facebook.  These tools enabled me to stay somewhat connected to the family.  I was able to skype a few times a week and this helped the girls and I catch up and talk about recent events. Mieko recorded a video of Aya singing Happy Birthday to daddy.  This was the first time I had seen or heard Aya sing a song and was a landmark event.

My time in Tonga seemed to fly by and I am already looking for forward to next season. I am also dreading the fact I will miss the family again.

Next season I will be the guest host on three special liveaboard trips dedicated to whale photography.  The locations are remote and known to be very productive in terms of whales. For information click on swimming with whales,click here.

Is it a bird, plane, missle, helicopter, or whale

Until next September, I will be at home in Maui, teaching photography workshops, producing fine art, and creating portraits of families.    I  am very fortunate to be able to support my family doing what I love.

Jumping into a Maui Sunset