Trip Advisor Report

by Douglas Hoffman on January 24, 2014

7 Hour Photo Workshop
5 of 5 starsReviewed December 27, 2013

As an intermediate photographer with a passion to learn landscape photography I wanted to combine a photo learning experience with a family trip to Maui. The challenge, find a teacher who is knowledgeable, passionate, accomplished and can teach. I found all that and more in Douglas Hoffman of Maui Photo Tours.

Doug more than delivered in every respect. He has a way of challenging you to always look for those elements that make a successful image. Throughout the workshop he emphasized a number of landscape photography theories and how important reading the light was to composition.

This review would be incomplete if I did not discuss Doug’s coaching technique. At each location he challenged me to look at the scene and compose the image in my head. He then allowed me the time to compose and set up the shot. While shooting the image he would check on me and offer suggestions when he felt they were necessary. Before we would leave a location he would review the images on my camera to be sure I had achieved my goal of at least one workable image from each stop. I was fortunate enough to leave each location with many useable shots. In fact. I have some images that I know would not have been possible without Doug’s coaching.

They say “proof is in the pudding” and I would agree. The night after my photo workshop with Doug I went to Secret Beach for sunset. Using the theories and concepts Doug taught me I was able to capture that Sunset portrait that I always dreamed of. Yes the light, clouds and ocean all played a major role in the image. But, it was Doug’s teaching that allowed me to recognize them, understand them and ultimately compose them all together and capture the image in the camera.

If improving your photography skills is your goal, I highly recommend spending time with Doug Hoffman.

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