Master Liveaboards celebrates the return of dive travel with a special photography charter in the Philippines

by Douglas Hoffman on April 6, 2022

Join Douglas Hoffman for a photography dedicated 11 day adventure on board the M/Y Philippine Siren. The dates are July 14-24, 2022. The charter will visit Malapascua and the Visayas. We hope to encounter Thresher Sharks, schools of jacks & barracuda, stunning reefs, dramatic walls, soft coral grottos, hard coral gardens, as well as frog fish and nudibranchs along the reef.

Fiji to Tonga Liveaboard Dive Trip

My goal is to enhance the trip and offer photographers information that will be of benefit. On the first day, and each day after dinner, l will give a photography briefing, and be available for critique. Over the course of the charter, I will talk about wide angle and macro photography, lighting, composition, and the difference between creating portraits and taking pictures. Knowing how you would like the finished image to look before pressing the shutter tells the photographer what settings to use.

Everyone sees, thinks, and feels differently based on their experiences, and photography celebrates that. Using shutter speed, depth of field, and lighting, each photographer creates portraits of what they see in their minds eye.

For example if an image make water to show moment within a photo they could use rear curtain sync in which the flash would fire as the shutter is closing, or pan the camera while pressing the shutter. A slow shutter would also allow for motion or slight blur. A high shutter of 1/250 will freeze the action and make beams of sunlight stand out in the background.

Underwater Photo Safaris