Whale Photography Workshop

by Douglas Hoffman on February 19, 2014



I spent the week participating in Whale Trust 2014  – a four day event all about whales.  The best scientists and National Geographic Photographers presented programs.  It was an honor to be included.  On the last day I went on a whale watch and helped people set up their cameras.  Towards the end, this whale breached and I was in the right place at the right time.  While the image was captured on a moving boat I tried to put the whale on the left third of the frame so that there was space on the right for the eyes to see where the whale was going and to leave the frame. In the heat of the moment it is hard to remember composition and many times the subject will be right in the middle.  The might make a good picture but not a portrait.   Composition is the difference.

Join me for a 9 day workshop dedicated to whale photography above and below the surface Sept 12-23, 2014.  There are spaces open at this time.  Those interested are asked to email me for details.  The address is dhimages@maui.net