We live in a world of Color

by Douglas Hoffman on September 4, 2021

When you ask someone to close their eyes and envision a beach scene on a beautiful day in Hawaii, chances are most everyone will see a blue sky. Thats because we live in a world of color and a blue sky is part of our common experience. That said, the exact color, hue, and intensity of blue will be different for everyone.

Enjoying the sunset is something people gather at the beach to watch as they are hoping to see a cornucopia of color in the sky. Each day the weather, cloud coverage, wind, are different and so it is that every sunset is unique. Some are surreal, and others more monochromatic.

When we look at a sunset photograph that is black and white, the common experience of color is gone, and now we’re looking at highlights and shadows, and different intensities of grey. This changes how we feel and interpret a scene.

Below are two sunset portraits created within five minutes of each other. The first is in color, and the second in black and white. As you view them both, note how feel and what comes into mind.

Which portrait evokes more of an emotional response? Which do you find more powerful?