Working with Lee 2 stop Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter

by Douglas Hoffman on October 8, 2014

A few weeks back I took the plunge and ordered the Lee 150 mm Neurtral density filter kit made specifically for the nIkon 14-24 mm lens. This week I got to use them.  The kit included a 1 ,2 , & 3 stop hard graduated filter.   Hard refers to the transition between the line where diffusion begins.  This type of filter is used for ocean landscapes as there is usually a horizon line that can be matched with the filter.

Sunset photography

Sunset photography

I found the filters easy to use, and had a lot of fun at the beach close to my home.  I went to the beach at sunset on consecutive days.  To get the exposure I metered the background and set an exposure, then metered the foreground using the same shutter speed and got an F stop that was 2 stops higher.  So I selected the two stop filter. I knew I had a limited time till the light changed to a one stop difference so I kept that filter close by.

The sunset was not spectacular by Maui standards but it was still nice and I got to play with using different shutter speeds and f-stops.  Here are two images.

2 stop ND filter

Lee 150 mm ND filter for Nikon 14 x 24 lens

Each day on Maui, you can expect a different  sky at sunset.  Thats part of the fun as you never know what kind of sky you will get. Using ND filters means I can most often find a filter to match the conditions allowing for balanced photographs to be created.

Using Lee 2 stop ND filter

Using Lee 2 stop ND hard graduated filter


Notice the motion in the water and the saturation of color in the sky.  This was a really fun exercise and I look forward to doing more sunset session in the weeks to come.


Happy imaging everyone!